Golden Velvet Honey Infused Wine



创始人来自不同的背景和不同的年龄段,但他们的热情和兴趣是相同的——享受生活的同时通过拯救蜜蜂来帮助拯救地球……一步一个脚印。 一天,当走过一个蜜蜂农场时,创始人在想办法帮助蜜蜂和它们的栖息地时突然想到了用蜂蜜酿造葡萄酒的想法。 从那时起,创始人一直致力于让蜂蜜酒发挥作用,同时平衡他们维持生计的需要。


The founders are from different backgrounds and are of different age groups, but their passion and interests are the same – enjoy life while help saving the planet by saving the bees…one step at a time.  While walking through a bee farm one day, the founders suddenly came up with the idea of wines infused with honey while trying to think of ways on how to help the bees and their habitats.  Since that time, the Founders have dedicated their life to making the honey infused wine work while balancing their need to make ends.

The Founders believe that people, especially new wine drinkers will appreciate and enjoy the Honey Infused Wine and share the same desire to help the bees.

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